Use more than 70 customisable filters and 50 frames in any combination to create many photo effects. Vignette is also a full-featured camera application, featuring digital zoom, time-lapse, self-timer and more.

Please note we can provide support in English only.

Vignette does not require an internet connection to process pictures like some apps, and does not upload your pictures to a central server like Instagram. Your pictures do not leave your device until you choose to share them.

The viewfinder screen

The viewfinder screen allows you to compose and take pictures. Read more

The Vignette gallery

Vignette includes a gallery, which allows you to arrange your pictures into albums, add captions, etc. Read more

The "Effect" screen

Touch the icon to access the "Effect" screen, to choose filters, frames and timestamp options for your pictures. Read more

The "JPEG file settings" screen

Touch the icon to access the "JPEG file settings" screen, to choose where your pictures are saved, the resolution and JPEG quality to use, and whether to store location data. Read more

The "Camera settings" screen

Touch the icon to access the "Camera settings" screen, to change hardware-specific settings like focus mode, white balance, exposure, etc. Read more

The "Shooting mode" screen

Touch the icon to access the "Shooting mode" screen. Read more

Importing pictures

Vignette allows you to import pictures to add filters, frames and timestamps. Read more

The on-screen control panel

Swipe right in the viewfinder screen to open the on-screen control panel. Read more

The preview screen

The preview screen shows the picture that was taken, and allows you to change the filter, frame, timestamp, brightness, contrast, saturation, rotation, etc. Read more