Perfect Every Picture.

Vignette is a full-featured camera app for Android devices.

Take a picture with your device's camera, or import an existing one from your gallery.

Crop your picture; adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and white balance; and add high-quality effects and frames.

Choose from 85 built-in filters, or customise them to create your own.

Toy camera effects, including Holga, Diana and Polaroid styles.
Vintage photo styles, like sepia, platinotype, cyanotype, and faded colour film.
Colour highlight (aka colour pop, colour splash).
Film effects, including Ilford, Portra, Velvia and Technicolor.
Lens effects, e.g. tilt-shift.
Location and time- and date-stamp pictures with adjustable size, colour and format.

... and more!

Choose from 13 frame styles in any colour and size.

... and more!

Vignette's unobscured full-screen viewfinder means you see what you're shooting. The options only appear when you need them, so they never get in the way of taking your picture.

Vignette has a range of Shooting Modes to choose from. Including...

Steady Shot - for shooting in conditions where there is a lot of shake.
Self timer function - in which 2, 5, 10, 30 seconds and one minute delays can be set.
Time Lapse mode - allowing you to take multiple photos automatically, ranging in intervals from 2 seconds up to 4 minutes.

... and more!

Vignette allows you to take four photos in sequence to create fun photo-booth style strip or grid pictures. Double and triple exposure is another fun result you can achieve using Vignette.

Vignette does not require an internet connection to process pictures like some apps, and does not upload your pictures to a central server. Your pictures do not leave your device until you choose to share them.

"The (New) Best Android Photo App" - Bob Tedeschi, The New York Times

"This wins hands down on features, image quality and reliability over everything else I've tried. Really, you'll never use your native camera app again."

"Great one. Has everything I want and need from a photo app. A great variety of high quality filters, effects and types of frames. More quality, less social media crap. I approve!"